180 lbs down, 20 to go!

Hey everyone! My name is Mary, and I've lost 180 lbs by evolving into a plant based diet. I am from and live in gorgeous Southern California. I am passionate about the foods that I love, animals, being a dork, the beach, free thinkers, people with unique world views, people who want to make the world better, people who make me think, and the hope that maybe one day the vegan community can be a united front!

We all come into our choices in our own time, but my truth is that a plant based diet not only opened up my heart and mind, but freed me from food addiction and morbid obesity!

This blog is a way for me to be accountable, for me to be inspired by the journey of others, to express appreciation for the things that I love, to inspire, and to learn!

In 2008, I weighed 335 lbs. By the end of 2009, I weighed about 199 lbs. Since then, my weight had gotten back up to 267, and I stayed there for a hot minute. Anyway, 2011 ended and I realized that I spent most of the year dreaming about what I wanted to happen rather than making it happen. 2012 started with me meeting none of my 2011 goals. 2013 started with a weight loss of 60 lbs in 2012, and -128 lbs total. I am currently at a -180 lb weight loss!!!

HW - 335 lbs
SW - 267 lbs
CW - 207 lbs
1st GW - 199 lbs
UGW - 130 lbs
Jan 6 2012 - 267
March 24 2012 - 251
April 10 2012 - 232
Dec 10th 2012 - 213
Jan 7 2013 - 207
Jan 24 2013 - 199
Feb 15 2013 - 193
March 27 - 189
April 28 - 174
May 22 2013 - 170
Jan 15 2014 - 164
Feb 20 2014 - 159

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My hubby made this for me a few days ago :-)

Well I guess it’s time to bring this back around! Feel free to share with all and any.

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dragon fruit
f r e s h ✖ m o d e r n ✖ tropical




Ok, so since my gallbladder surgery I have learned and remembered a few things about myself:

***sexual abuse reference in this post***

1.  Oh yeah, I am a food addict and binge eater.  Great.

2.  The less I can exercise, the more I want to eat.

3.  Every successful journey towards health I have ever taken has started with a workout.

4.  I am DONE with not exercising.

5.  Chocolate is my strongest eating trigger.

I ate too much today.  I have been eating quite a bit since I got home..and at first I figured it was because I was so effing hungry, because the last few weeks before surgery I could hardly eat.  But, then I started to eat fattier food.. then I started to wake up bloated.  I’ve been down this road.  THIS is the road back to 300 lbs.  It’s 180 lbs away, but it’s as good as tomorrow if I continue down this road.  When I start to eat chocolate, I want it every damn day.. and there is NEVER enough chocolate to eat.  And then I want to eat other foods.. it’s a ridiculous and destructive cycle.  I’ve learned that the root cause has to do with sexual and physical abuse that I went through as a child and being raped as a teenager, but knowing that doesn’t change fuck all. I am responsible for my body. It’s what I am left with, and what I have to work with.  I am stressed about a lot of things right now.. but eating never solved a damn one of them.  Just makes everything worse.

So, back to basics until I get it under control.  Accountability, loading up on nutrient rich foods, workouts (not too hard since I am still recovering), cutting out the chocolate.  As soon as I get the money for it, I will get my precious Shakeology.  Also, I can’t wait to get some aloe.. but I am on a VERY limited budget at the moment and will have to make it work.  I have enough  Shakeology for a couple of weeks to a few weeks, but I want to wait until the support group starts on May 5th to take it  I drink water no matter what, but I am going to double my water intake and throw some spirulina in it a couple times a day.  I will bore all of you to death and track the high level stuff here.  

I know that the “I screwed up” posts aren’t very popular, but this is my reality and I have to pull myself back up, because there is not a person on Earth who can do it for me, and nobody cares when you’re failing.  I’m better than this, and I am worth more than this.  Please let me believe that.

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