180 lbs down, 20 to go!

Hey everyone! My name is Mary, and I've lost 180 lbs by evolving into a plant based diet. I am from and live in gorgeous Southern California. I am passionate about the foods that I love, animals, being a dork, the beach, free thinkers, people with unique world views, people who want to make the world better, people who make me think, and the hope that maybe one day the vegan community can be a united front!

We all come into our choices in our own time, but my truth is that a plant based diet not only opened up my heart and mind, but freed me from food addiction and morbid obesity!

This blog is a way for me to be accountable, for me to be inspired by the journey of others, to express appreciation for the things that I love, to inspire, and to learn!

In 2008, I weighed 335 lbs. By the end of 2009, I weighed about 199 lbs. Since then, my weight had gotten back up to 267, and I stayed there for a hot minute. Anyway, 2011 ended and I realized that I spent most of the year dreaming about what I wanted to happen rather than making it happen. 2012 started with me meeting none of my 2011 goals. 2013 started with a weight loss of 60 lbs in 2012, and -128 lbs total. I am currently at a -180 lb weight loss!!!

HW - 335 lbs
SW - 267 lbs
CW - 207 lbs
1st GW - 199 lbs
UGW - 130 lbs
Jan 6 2012 - 267
March 24 2012 - 251
April 10 2012 - 232
Dec 10th 2012 - 213
Jan 7 2013 - 207
Jan 24 2013 - 199
Feb 15 2013 - 193
March 27 - 189
April 28 - 174
May 22 2013 - 170
Jan 15 2014 - 164
Feb 20 2014 - 159

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This awesome (gluten free & vegan) recipe really couldn’t be much more simple. There’s exactly 1 knife stroke and just a handful of ingredients that I pretty much always have on hand. And with another 3-ish weeks left in eggplant season, this is a great way to use them while they’re fresh (and cheap!).
Get the recipe here! :)
October #teamnocheats goals!!!!!!  
October is almost upon us!! This means goals! My caffeine thing has been so half assed this past week. I have been taking shots of the pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joe’s after I work out when I feel like I am going to die, lol. My eating has been pretty good, my workouts have been AMAZING (based on my fitness level), and I feel like I am moving the right away again. This morning I was looking in the mirror and being really hard on myself. I was getting frustrated, and I remembered that 335 lb. Mary from 2007 would have done just about anything to get at this weight, and 267 lb Mary from 2012 would have felt the same way. It’s going to take some time. I lost a lot of lean muscle when I was sick. Building that muscle back up is going to be most of the work, and I need to remember that every time I look in the mirror or pick up a fork.I am putting my goals out there now, because I know that what I am doing right now is what I want to keep doing through October.

I went to the gym yesterday and today. I figured that I would do some fasting cardio, so I didn’t eat before hand. Well.. I don’t even really LIKE cardio (but I did some anyway), so I stuck primarily with the weights.. for about 2.5 hours. I know that nothing is going to show for a while, but I’m still extremely excited about hitting all of these muscles, being able to increase my weight everycouple of days, and the feeling of being stronger! 

Anyway, I walked out of there and I wanted to eat EVERYTHING.. and I almost did! But, I went home and threw two heads of romaine lettuce and some sauerkraut on some sprouted bread with mustard and peanut-sesame dressing and was grateful that I didn’t mess up.

These workouts aren’t me walking into a gym and being a badass, I am just back to basics. I am trying to get used to the weights and getting some all around strength and muscle built up before I start structuring my workouts!

Regarding my diet, I am a little stuck on the details. The weight is pretty much centered mostly in my stomach and I really need to build muscle. All I know is that I cut out the sugar, so there’s none of that. I am also going to lay off of nuts and seeds for now. I would like to have the weight I gained off by the end of the year along with some muscle and call this a learning experience and not a failure.